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The mission of the Department of Public & Government Affairs (PGA) is to promote communication, cooperation and strong connections between County government and its citizens, the business community and other government agencies to provide information to respond to key issues and increase awareness of opportunities and resources.

The Department of Public & Government Affairs emphasizes effective two-way communication between the County and involved citizens in order to provide consistent and relevant information about County activities that affect residents and businesses, to assure meaningful public involvement in decision making, and to promote employee knowledge and involvement in County government.

Gary Schmidt, Director

Region 1 Area Commission on Transportation (R1ACT)

R1ACT is a new advisory group chartered by the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) to provide input and recommendations to the OTC on policies and operation of the Oregon Department of Transportation in Region 1. R1ACT will include 31 people representing Clackamas County, Multnomah County, Washington County, Hood River County and the City of Portland.

Clackamas County will have one business/freight representative and one rural representative on this commission. Terms will begin in June 2015 and last for four years.

Questions? Contact Karen Buehrig at 503-742-4683

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