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Uniform Plumbing Code:

Administration, sec 918-780-010

  1. Permits Required:
    1. No person, firm, or corporation shall do plumbing work in the State of Oregon without first obtaining a plumbing permit and paying the appropriate fees to the authorized permit issuing agency;
    2. Plumbing permit fees shall be doubled if installation is commenced prior to issuance of the permit, except that this prevision will not apply to proven emergency installations, in which case a permit shall be obtained within five (5) days of commencing installation.
  2. Purpose of Permit:
    The issuance of granting of a plumbing permit is for the purpose of knowing where to make inspections and to defray the cost of inspections. The Permit shall not be construed to be an approval of any violation of any of the provision of the statutes or of OAR Chapter 918, Divisions 750 to 799. The issuance of a permit shall not prevent the Administrator from thereafter requiring the correction of errors in sums due for the permit, in installation or in requiring the work to be dine only by those authorized by law.
  3. Notice required for inspections:
    1. No plumbing installation shall be covered or concealed without first obtaining the approval of the Division;
    2. The Division shall have at least forty-eight (48) hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, after notification that the permittee is ready for an inspection, in which to make the inspection

Other Resources

To verify plumbing contractors' license information with the state of Oregon, call 503-742-1268.

For information about wells, call the Oregon Deptartment of Water Resources at 503-378-8455.

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