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Oral Board Process

Below is information about the oral board process and next steps after the oral board interview.
If you have any questions, please ask your interview facilitator.

Oral Board Interview

Our goals for this interview process are to further determine through testing your qualifications for the position, and to determine your possible placement on the eligibility register (hiring list). We accomplish these goals based on what you share with us during this interview.

Therefore, your goal should be to share with us your knowledge, skills, ability, education, training, and experience. Successful candidates are able to be specific and draw parallels between their experience and the job duties. For example, if you are interviewing for the position of Office Specialist, it is helpful to tell the panel that you have been an Office Specialist (or a similar job title) for XYZ Company. The panel can more closely see your ability to do the job if you also let them know that as an Office Specialist, you were responsible for filing, answering the phone, and writing letters for the manager.

After the oralboard interview

The results of your oralboard interview will be e-mailed to you within 5-10 days. This email will indicate if the panel recommended your placement on the eligibility register (hiring list) and if you are referred to the hiring department for a hiring interview.

Clackamas County follows the Personnel Ordinance in its employment process. Generally, the top candidates on the eligibility register will be referred to the hiring department for the hiring interviews and/or other selection processes. Additional names will be referred from the eligibility register if provided for under the County’s Personnel Ordinance.

The department usually interviews the referred candidates within two weeks. Open eligibility registers will be used for a minimum of three months, and could possibly be extended to two years*. If there are additional openings for this job during the eligibility period, we will typically utilize the current eligibility list rather than reopening another recruitment. If there are fewer than 5 names remaining on the eligibility register for the position, the hiring department may elect to reopen the recruitment in order to supplement the list with additional names.

This summary is general in nature. For additional information on Clackamas County's employment process and other County job openings, please visit us at For future positions, you will need to apply by following the instructions in the job announcement and online application.

Best wishes in the process. Thank you for your interest in this position and in Clackamas County.

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