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Clackamas County Finance

The Department of Finance centers its mission around the values of accountability and integrity, in pursuit of the highest standards of customer service.The Finance Division staff serves the public and internal customers by providing timely and accurate fiscal and debt information, evaluating financial alternatives and coordinating among departments to meet the County’s public service goals. Also included in the Department is the Purchasing Division, which helps the County acquire goods and services for the most efficient and accountable use of public funds. The Facilities Management Division undertakes to provide accessible public buildings, maintain a healthful working environment, and protect the County’s investment in facilities.

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2051 Kaen Road
Oregon City, OR 97045 map

(503) 742-5400
Fax (503) 742-5401

Facilities Management
(503) 557-6416
Fax (503) 655-8658

Monday through Thursday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm