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2013 Summer Maintenance Program

The Transportation Maintenance Division's seasonal road maintenance projects for the Summer of 2013.

Information:  503-557-6391

Map of 2013 Summer Maintenance Projects (PDF)

Chip Seal Projects

Chip Seal is a maintenance seal applied to an existing paved surface to extend the life of the pavement. We utilize three separate processes to complete the new road surface: Crack Seal, Chip Seal and Fog Seal.  Crack Seal is done first to repair small cracks in the pavement.  It is typically done by hand and uses a seven man crew to clean and address longitudinal, reflective and linear cracks with an asphalt emulsion as a sealant.  Chip Seal is done next and consists of liquid asphalt sprayed on the road surface, immediately followed by chips (rocks) being dropped into the liquid asphalt.  A rubber tired roller passes over the surface to embed the chips into the liquid asphalt.  After a curing period, the loose or extra rocks are then swept off the surface.  Fog Seal is the final step and is a light application of liquid asphalt that is sprayed on the new road surface and allowed to cure.  The Fog Seal aids in rock retention and enhances the reflectivity of the centerline striping.  The Chip Seal projects listed below are scheduled for 2013.

  • 367th Ave (OSH 211 to 367th Ave)
  • 367th Ave (Trubel Rd to just before gate)
  • 427th Ave (Music Camp Rd to Keisecker Rd)
  • 442nd Ave (Music Camp Rd to Pagh Rd)
  • 452nd Ave (Kleinsmith Rd to Wildcat Mountain Dr)
  • 472nd Ave (Jadrny Rd to Linhart Butte Rd)
  • Allgeier Rd (Firwood Rd to Dead End)
  • Barlow Trail Rd (Sleepy Hollow Dr to Lolo Pass Rd)
  • Boitano Rd (Bornstedt Rd to 0.40 miles west of Cottontail Dr)
  • Bornstedt Rd (Approx. 370 feet south of Redwood St to Boitano Rd)
  • Bornstedt Rd (Firwood Rd to Boitano Rd)
  • Connie Ct (Glen Oak Rd to Dead End)
  • Crane Rd (Wildcat Mountain Dr to Gold Rd)
  • Douglass Rd (Wildcat Mountain Dr to Flores Ln)
  • Dover Ct (Firwood Rd to Dead End)
  • Dowling Rd (1/2 mile west of McCabe Rd to 476th Ave)
  • Ely Rd (Eagle Creek Rd to OSH 211)
  • Falcon Dr (Gaffney Ln to Address 19760)
  • Fern Dr (Amisigger Rd to cul-de-sac)
  • Filbert Rd (Jackknife Rd to Van Curen Rd)
  • Firwood Rd (OSH 26 to Wildcat Mountain Dr)
  • Firwood School Rd (Firwood Rd to end of school parking lot)
  • Hinman Rd (Eagle Creek Rd to 0.12 miles east of Wren Rd)
  • Holcomb Blvd (OSH 213 overpass to Edenwild Ln)*
  • Howlett Rd (OSH 211 to Eagle Fern Rd)
  • Jackknife Rd (OSH 211 to OSH 211)
  • Jadrny Rd (McCabe Rd to 472nd Ave)
  • Judd Rd (Howlett Rd to OSH 211)
  • Keegan Rd (Wildcat Mountain Dr to Eagle Creek Rd)
  • Keisecker Rd (427th Ave to 0.20 miles east of 442nd Ave)
  • Kleinsmith Rd (Wildcat Mountain Dr to 452nd Ave)
  • Langensand Rd (Trubel Rd to Dead End)
  • Linhart Butte Rd (472nd Ave to cul-de-sac)
  • Marmot Rd (Ten Eyck Rd to Barlow Trail Rd)
  • McCabe Rd (OSH 26 to Pagh Rd)
  • Music Camp Rd (Firwood Rd to 442nd Ave)
  • Pagh Rd (McCabe Rd to Firwood Rd)
  • Riverside Way (Eagle Creek Rd to gate)
  • Thayer Ct (Thayer Rd to Dead End)
  • Thayer Rd (Maplelane Rd to approx. 100 feet east of Ira Ln)
  • Trubel Rd (367th Ave to Firwood Rd)
  • Van Curen Rd (Wildcat Mountain Dr to Howlett Rd)
  • Wildcat Mountain Dr (Kleinsmith Rd to OSH 211/224)
  • Wintersteen Rd (Wildcat Mountain Dr north 1/4 mile)
  • Woodle Rd (Crane Rd to Howlett Rd)
  • Wren Rd (Hinman Rd north approx. 500 feet)

*Contract work for the City of Oregon City.


Paving Projects

Paving is the placement of hot mix asphaltic concrete on an existing road surface to remedy pavement distress and maintain acceptable pavement condition.  The Paving project(s) listed below are scheduled for 2013.

  • Otty Rd (82nd Ave to I-205 Overpass) - COMPLETED APRIL 2013


Slurry Seal Projects

Slurry Seal is a cold-mix paving system that is primarily used for sealing weathered and raveled pavements, filling minor cracks, restoring skid resistance and restoring aesthetic appeal.  Very little preparation is required in advance of a slurry seal other than to ensure that the pavement is clean and dry prior to application.  The primary materials used to create a slurry seal are small aggregate, asphalt emulsion and fillers, which are mixed together according to a design mix formula.  Water may also added for workability.  The design life for a typical slurry seal process under normal conditions is between five and seven years.  The Slurry Seal projects listed below are scheduled for 2013.

  • Donovan Rd (Holly Ln to Gate)
  • Forest Grove Lp (Thayer Rd to Forest Grove Lp)
  • Morton Rd (Holly Ln to Dead End)
  • Stoltz Rd (Holcomb Blvd to MP 0.22)
  • Waldow Rd (Maplelane Rd to Dead End)


Please visit our Weekly Transportation Maintenance and Construction page for our currently scheduled maintenance and construction activities. 

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