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Clackamas County Development Agency

Using urban renewal authority, the Development Agency implements programs that provide for economically, socially and environmentally sound development and redevelopment to revitalize blighted areas; building the County's property tax base and creating economic vitality and employment opportunities.

In 1977 the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners created the Clackamas County Development Agency (CCDA) as the urban renewal authority for Clackamas County. The Development Agency is:

  • Committed to carrying out plans developed specifically for each urban renewal area to:
    • Increase jobs
    • Improve economic vitality
    • Improve opportunities and capabilities by removing influences that inhibit development or redevelopment
  • Dedicated to fulfilling commitments to the community:
    • Develop plans that best meet the needs of each area's residents, businesses and agencies.
    • Ensure funds are spent efficiently and effectively for the benefit of each urban renewal area.
    • Work closely with and considers the ideas, needs and wants of residents, businesses, workers and other agencies in and near each urban renewal area.
    • Consistently working with citizens, businesses and agencies to support the growth of livable, sustainable, economically viable communities.

The Clackamas County Development Agency administers four urban renewal areas.

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