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HACC owns and maintains 545 units of public housing.  Ranging from single family homes to multi-family apartments; our housing is located throughout the County. HACC has three housing "parks".

Two are located in Oregon City and one in Milwaukie.  The two in Oregon City include a 100 unit housing park called Oregon City View Manor and a 99-unit housing park called Clackamas Heights.  The third park in Milwaukie known as Hillside Park consists of 100 units of housing.  Additionally, HACC owns another 145 units which are scattered throughout the County and a 100-unit nine-story highrise located within Milwaukie's Hillside Park, referred to as Hillside Manor, is exclusively for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

HACC also has many programs for residents including a Head Start center, a Career and Learning Center, sports and recreation activities, entrepreneurial experience, mentorship programs, crime prevention efforts, summer day camp, and service coordination for families including seniors, disabled and non-English speaking people. HACC is also the local provider of Federal programs that promote resident self-sufficiency. HACC's resident services are nationally recognized.  They include:

To qualify for public housing, a household’s income must not exceed standards set by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  To qualify, a household must not make more than 80% of the area median income.  Rent for each unit is based upon income of the tenant. Tenants pay 30% of their adjusted gross income for rent and utilities. Included with the rent, the Housing Authority pays for water, sewer and trash collection. 

The demand for low-rent public housing is high. The current waiting time for available units ranges from 18 to 24 months. Applications are filed in chronological order by date and time of receipt and unit size needs.

Read the Catch-All Chronicle, our public housing newsletter.

Low-rent Public Housing Portfolio

The Housing Authority currently owns, maintains and manages 565 units of low-rent public housing.

Oregon City View Manor
200 Longview Way
Oregon City

This 100-unit low-rent public housing park for families consists of one- to four-bedroom units. It was constructed in 1962 and modernized in 1987-88. A Headstart Center was completed on the site in 1996.

Clackamas Heights
South A - D Street
Oregon City

This 99-unit low-rent public housing park for families was constructed in 1938 and consists of single family dwellings and duplexes. It was the first public housing project in Oregon.

Hillside Park
SE 32nd Ave & Hillside Street

This 100-unit low-rent public housing park for families was constructed in 1942.

Hillside Manor
2889 SE Hillside Street

This 100-unit low-rent public housing project for senior citizens and persons with disabilities was constructed in 1970. The nine-story highrise remains Clackamas County's tallest building.

Scattered Sites

The Housing Authority also owns, manages, maintains and provides services to 145 units of low rent public housing known as "scattered sites". As the name implies, these one- two-, three- and four-unit projects are scattered around the county. They primarily consist of units large enough to house families. Some of the units were acquired; others were constructed as turn-key projects.

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