Hillside Master Plan for Housing Opportunity

The Hillside Master Plan for Housing Opportunity is a grant-funded project that envisioned the future of this 16-acre public housing community. The planning process engaged residents and community members, who helped develop this vibrant mixed-use, mixed-income community. The design preserves and rebuilds existing affordable housing at the site, while creating opportunities for expanded housing choice and type.

Project Updates/Next Steps

timeline of hillside master plan

Final Development Plan

The Hillside Master Plan is currently in the Final Development Plan phase.

On March 23, the Milwaukie Planning Commission held a preliminary Planned Development review for the redevelopment of Hillside Park to allow high-density apartment and mixed-use buildings and approved the application with conditions.

In early August 2021, the Housing Authority submitted our Final Planned Development Application to the city of Milwaukie. On Aug. 27, the application was deemed completed and a public hearing with the Planning Commission was scheduled for Oct. 12, 2021. 

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Previous Meetings

Oct. 12 Milwaukie Planning Commission Final Planned Development Public Hearing
March 23 Milwaukie Planning Commission Preliminary Planned Development Public Hearing  - application approved with conditions
Feb. 24 Ardenwald- Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association Meeting
Dec. 4 Celebration of community and resident input process and the unveiling of the Hillside Master Plan
Oct. 3 Housing Authority Board approved Master Plan
May 30 Community Open House – 3 Design Concepts
Feb. 21 Community Design Workshop 
Feb. 7 Hillside Park Door to Door Outreach 
Nov. 7 Sustainability Workshop
Oct. 24 Community Visioning Workshops 
Sept. 5 Hillside Resident Listening Session 

Stakeholder Committee

Planning committee that met monthly

A demographic and site analysis have been conducted in order to target the needs of the community and the capacity of the site. 
As part of a comprehensive approach to the development of the Master Plan, a health impact assessment team was formed that meets monthly to discuss and advocate for a process that is mindful of the current and future health conditions of residents.  

Address: 10203 SE D Street Milwaukie, OR 97222 map
Cost: Metro Grant Award: $214,0000
Project cost: Metro Regional Government- 2040 Planning and Development grant
Contractor: Scott Edwards Architecture(Selected Master Planning Firm)

Hillside Master Plan FAQ


32nd Ave will be widened to provide on-street parking. HACC has requested that the City consider regulated (timed) parking for these spaced to encourage retail parking during the day. There will also be one or two spaces in the lots behind the businesses for staff and customers.


We will vet all applicants, and there will be management and maintenance agreements across the development.


Not at this time, the project is still in the conceptual phase.


This development will add neighborhood amenities and improve existing conditions, which should help to increase surrounding property values.


No warehouses, light (or other) industrial/manufacturing or cannabis related activities or business will be allowed. The commercial uses will also be limited to a total of 20,000 sq. ft. between the two buildings.


44 conifers and 35 deciduous trees on are proposed to be preserved on the site. The new street grid requires many changes to the site, but new trees will be planted in all of the new streets, which the city will ultimately maintain. Additional trees will be planted on all of the lots after construction of each building.


There will be units for people making up to 80% of AMI on the HACC owned parcels, and potentially market rate units that will be sold for private development. The City Planner has determined that the breakdown of units is 367 units of affordable housing and 233 units of market rate housing, so there will be options for many income levels.


Yes, a significant amount of right-of-way is being dedicated from the west edge site to allow for the widening of 32nd Avenue.


We are unsure what City regulations govern the long-term health of the trees, but typically in most jurisdictions this is a compliance issue and missing trees need to be accounted for whenever new development is proposed. The City of Milwaukie is currently in the process of writing their tree regulations so this might be something that is not currently regulated. 


The majority of the buffer along the north property line will be 15 feet wide. The parking areas adjacent to the north property line will be 6 feet wide, in compliance with the City of Milwaukie’s parking lot landscaping standards. This is wide enough to support large trees. Three existing trees are being preserved on the north edge of the property but then are not located adjacent to the parking lot.


The Traffic Impact Analysis found that 29th Avenue is not an attractive entrance or exit for the Hillside site, due to safety concerns. We would like to see this street continue as a bikeway, and emergency access when needed, but not a through street. Ultimately the Milwaukie Planning Commission will make the decision about changes to the street.

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