Housing Choice Voucher Programs

Notice to tenants on HUD waivers

On April 10, 2020, HUD published Notice PIH 2020‐05 in response to the COVID‐19 pandemic. The CARES Act provides HUD with broad authority to waive statutes and regulations related to its programs, except fair housing, nondiscrimination, labor standards, and environmental requirements. The Housing Authority of Clackamas County (HACC) has adopted many of the waivers offered by HUD for the Section 8 and Public Housing programs. HACC is required to provide this notice and you can find the list of all the waivers adopted with a brief explanation of impact online.


The Housing Choice Voucher program (formerly known as Section 8) provides assistance to families that rent units in the private rental housing market. It is authorized by the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended. The Housing Choice Voucher Program can assist approximately 1,500 families in Clackamas County.

Report Household and Income Changes

Residents should use the Change Report form below to report any household changes to HACC. Please print and complete the form and return it to HACC within 7 days of any change in income, household composition, or contact information. Failure to report changes could lead to a loss of housing assistance.

Change report form

Participant Eligibility

To qualify for the voucher program, the household income must not exceed HUD set standards, which is 50% of the area median income, for the specified number of family members. There is no asset limitation; however, income derived from assets is included in the annual income.

Income Limits

Median income: $92,100

Family Size Low-80% Very Low-50% Extremely Low 30%
1 51,600 32,250 19,400
2 59,000 36,850 22,150
3 66,350 41,450 24,900
4 73,700 46,050 27,650
5 79,600 49,750 30,680
6 85,500 53,450 35,160
7 91,400 57,150 39,640
8 97,300 60,800 44,120
9 103,200 64,500 48,600
10 109,100 68,200 53,080
11 115,000 71,850 57,560
12 120,900 75,550 62,040
13 126,800 79,250 66,520

Fair Market Rents and Payment Standards by Bedroom size:

Beds FMR
FY 2020
Effective 1/1/20
0 1192 1120
1 1289 1250
2 1495 1420
3 2157 2049
4 2625 2494
5 3019 2868
6 3413 3242
7 3806 3616
8 4200 3990

Rental Assistance Programs

Breakdown by Type of Program Total # of Units Total # Served Who can apply? How apply?
Wait lists marked closed or open below
Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Tenant Based Vouchers   1438 Any Very Low Income Household (50% AMI) CLOSED. When open online will announce and application will be available on this website.
Project Based Voucher Sites:        
Chez Ami PBV 20   Clean and sober living for HOMELESS and DISABLED

OPEN. If Homeless call: 503-655-8575
Town Center Greens PBV 21   Clean and sober living for HOMELESS and DISABLED

OPEN. Contact Central City Concern:
Pedcor - Rosewood Station PBV 20   Any Very Low Income Households (50% AMI) CLOSED. When open online will announce and application will be available on this website.
WALSH Commons PBV 7   HOMELESS Preference OPEN. Must be Homeless and must contact NHA at 503-654-1007
Clayton Mohr Commons PBV 24   Military Veterans Only OPEN. Contact the Coordinated Housing Access Line at 503-655-8575 for intake and consideration.
Total PBV   92    
Total VASH   121 Military Veterans Only OPEN. Contact the Veteran’s Administration for assessment and eligibity:
Mainstream Vouchers   116 Nonelderly (under 62) and Disabled with preference for HOMELESS

CLOSED. If Homeless call: 503-655-8575

Total Vouchers   1767    
Grant Funding: Shelter Plus Care Continuum of Care Grant   37 HOMELESS and DISABLED

OPEN. If Homeless call: 503-655-8575

Calculating Your Utility Allowance

Notice: Section 242 of the 2014 Appropriations Act limits the utility allowance for a family to be the lower of: (1) The utility allowance amount for the family unit size; or (2) the utility allowance amount for the unit size of the unit rented by the family. The Utility Allowances are as follows:

Effective March 1, 2020

If you have further questions regarding our utility allowances, you may contact Debbie Greene at

Reasonable accommodation requests

HACC will provide "reasonable accommodations" to applicants and participants of HACC's Housing Choice Voucher Program. A reasonable accommodation is some modification or change HACC can make to its policies or procedures that will assist an otherwise eligible person with a disability to attain equal participation in HACC's programs.

To make a Reasonable Accommodation request, complete and submit the Request for a Reasonable Accommodation form.


If you want to move to Clackamas County, we are currently not absorbing porting clients. We are billing your original Housing Authority. We will be unable to assist you until your current Housing Authority has sent your paperwork to:

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Or fax to 503-655-8676


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