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Welcome to Clackamas County Parks

Vehicle Annual Pass and Boater Annual Passes are available at the individual parks and through the Parks Administration Office. Please call us at (503) 742-4414 or stop by at 150 Beavercreek Rd, 4th Floor, Oregon City.

Developed parks and campgrounds located in Clackamas County

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Campgrounds closed for Winter
Barton's West Loop, Feyrer and Metzler Campgrounds are closed for the winter. They will re-open May 1. Reservations can now be made for 2016 (one year in advance). Barton's East Loop is open through November 30.

Camping Extended in Barton Park's East Loop
The East Loop in Barton Park is now open longer! Sites #60-98 will be open throughout October and sites #60-80 will remain open throughout November 30. Ground tents are permissible in the East Loop in October only.

Bridge Closure at Wilhoit Springs
The footbridge crossing Rock Creek on the south/southwest area of Wilhoit Springs Park will be closed due to unsafe conditions. Further information will be updated as it becomes available.

New Playgrounds
New playgrounds have been installed in the Barton, Feyrer and Metzler campgrounds.
New Playground at Barton East Loop

Knights Bridge Property
Open with limited parking. There are port-a-potties and garbage cans available, no parking fees.

Wagon Wheel Park
Open from 6am to 8pm; port-a-potty and garbage cans available, no parking fees. Access to the river is currently open.

Feyrer Park Boat Ramp
Open from 6am to 8pm; port-a-potty and garbage cans available. Access to the river is currently open; parking fees apply ($2/day for vehicles towing Oregon registered boats, $5/day for non-boat-towing vehicles; Annual passes available through the Park Admin Office (503) 742-4414)

A Special Use Permit Application is required when considering any organized event taking place within the Clackamas County Park system (without a standard camping or picnic reservation).

Prohibited Articles

Members of the Sheriff's office, and other individuals designated by the Parks Director, are hereby authorized to perform visual inspections of personal property items, such as coolers, or any other containers capable of concealing prohibited items. You are free to decline a request for inspection. However, if you decline the inspection, you must then immediately leave the park area.

If a person already inside the park area possesses a prohibited article, that person shall be considered to have violated the license to enter and use the park area. The person's license is automatically revoked and the person shall be requested to leave immediately.

Any person in violation of park rules is subject to citation and immediate trespass.

By order of the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners

Alcohol Inspections FAQ sheet

Did you know? Stone Creek Golf Club is also a County Park. Enjoy a round at one of the best scenic golf courses in the Portland area. Take a pleasant walk on an almost 3-mile trail around the course. Zinzer Hall can be rented for just about any event, from business meetings to weddings.

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