Springwater Corridor Trail

Springwater Corridor Trail

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The Springwater Corridor is a scenic, 21-mile paved trail from downtown Portland to Boring. The trail is popular with walkers, hikers, runners and cyclists. The paved surface is approximately 10 to 12 feet wide, most of which is separated from public roads.   

The trail passes wetlands, buttes, agricultural fields and pastures, as well as residential neighborhoods and industrial areas. A wide variety of wildlife can be found along the corridor.

The Springwater Corridor was inspired by the 1903 Olmstead Plan of a parkway and a boulevard to connect parks. 

We maintain the southeast segment of the trail, which you can access from Boring Station Trailhead Park.

Recent upgrades

In 2013, we completed a widening and paving project involving 2.25 miles of the trail from Rugg Road to Boring Station Trailhead Park.  The project included:

  • two to four feet of compacted gravel shoulders
  • significant drainage improvements
  • a new bridge deck and railings
  • improvements at the intersection of Telford and Haley Road
  • enhanced signage and street crossings.

Our project partners included the Oregon Department of Transportation, Portland Parks and Recreation, and Metro. These upgrades were possible through the support of our partners and the community.

Find out more about the Springwater Corridor from Portland Parks & Recreation.

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part of 21-mile paved trail from Portland to Boring  


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