Summary of Assessments and Levies (SAL) Tables - ORS 309.330

Table 1a - Taxable Assessed Value By Tax Code

Table 1b - Measure 5 Value By Tax Code

Table 2a - Specially Assessed Forestland Valuation

Table 2b - Specially Assessed Farmland Valuation

Table 2c - Small Tract Forestland (STF)

Table 3 - Summary of Specially Assessed and Tax Exempt Properties

Table 4b - Urban Renewal Authority For Existing Plan Areas

Table 4c - Estimation Of Urban Renewal Revenue From Increment Value

Table 5 – Summary of Special Assessments, Fees, Charges

Table 6b - Listing Of Code Areas By Taxing District

Table 6c - Summary Of Measure 5 Compression Loss By Tax Code

Table 7a - Taxable Assessed Value and Real Market Value By Property Class

Table 8 - Summary Of Amounts To Be Raised, Net Taxes To Be Collected