County Code

Main Content
Title 1 General Provisions
   1.01 Code Adoption
   1.02 General Provisions
   1.03 Reserved Powers
Title 2 Government Administration
   2.01 Acceleration of Redemption for Waste or Abandonment
   2.02 Unclaimed Property (Repealed)
   2.03 Hospital Facility Authority
   2.04 Establishment of Local Contract Review Board
   2.05 Personnel Policies and Procedures for Clackamas County Employees
   2.06 Export of Unprocessed Timber from Lands Owned or Managed by Clackamas County
   2.07 Compliance Hearings Officer
   2.08 Just Compensation for Land Use Regulation
   2.09 County Administrator
   2.10 Hamlets and Villages
   2.11 Board of County Commissioners
   2.12 County Counsel
   2.13 Delegating Authority to the Director of the Department of Transportation and Development
   2.14 County Surveyor
   2.15 County Internal Auditor
Title 3 Elections
   3.01 Repealed by Ord 03-2017 (5/4/17)
   3.02 Special District Elections Security Deposit
   3.03 Voter Approval of Urban Renewal
   3.04 Notification of Boundary Changes to the County Clerk/Elections
   3.05 Special Qualification to File for Election to and to Hold the Office of Justice of the Peace in Clackamas County
Title 4 Public Improvements
   4.01 Relocation Procedure
   4.02 Local Improvement District Formation, Financing and Collection
   4.03 Zone of Benefit Recovery Charges
Title 5 Animals
   5.01 Animal Licensing, Services and Enforcement
Title 6 Public Protection
   6.01 Curfew
   6.02 Prohibited Touching; Nudity in Massage
   6.03 Emergency Regulations
   6.04 Tobacco Use Regulations in and Around County Facilities
   6.05 Noise Control
   6.06 Park Rules
   6.07 Contracting to Provide Law Enforcement Services
   6.08 Chronic Nuisance
   6.09 Library Exclusion Process
   6.10 Removal of Person from Unlawful Campsite
   6.11 Graffiti
   6.12 Repealed by Ord. 09-2015 (12/17/15)
   6.13 Exclusions of Persons from County Buildings and Property
Title 7 Vehicles and Traffic
   7.01 Vehicle Parking and Towing
   7.02 Off-Road Vehicles
   7.03 Road Use
   7.04 Over-Dimensional Vehicle Requirements
   7.05 Addressing and Road Naming
   7.06 Ways of Necessity, Transfer of Jurisdiction to the Circuit Court
   7.07 Vehicle Registration Fee
Title 8 Business Regulations
   8.01 Liquor License Criteria
   8.02 Transient Room Tax
   8.03 Secondhand Dealers
   8.04 Public Health Laws and Contested Case Procedures
   8.05 Social Gambling Regulation
   8.06 Bingo
   8.07 Alarm Systems
   8.08 Film and Media Production 
   8.09 Marijuana Sales Tax
Title 9 Buildings
   9.01 Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings and Structures
   9.02 Application and Enforcement of the Clackamas County Building Code
   9.03 Excavation and Grading
Title 10 Franchises
   10.01 Ambulance Service Plan
   10.02 Cable Television Communications System Regulation
   10.03 Solid Waste and Wastes Management
   10.04 Recycling License
   10.05 Repealed by Ord. 06-2002 (6/6/02)
Title 11 Development Regulation
   11.01 County Surveyor Plan Review Standards
   11.02 Subdivision Plan Approval Delegation
   11.03 Transportation System Development Charge
Title 12 Zoning and Development Ordinance
Title 13 Comprehensive Plan
Appendix A: Fees
Appendix B: Fines
Appendix C: Local Contract Review Board Rules