Projects & Plans


Transportation Engineering
We are responsible for maintaining the integrity and safety of 1,400 miles of County roads and 180 bridges.


Transportation Maintenance
Aldercrest Construction
The county initially closed SE Aldercrest Road on Feb. 14, 2019, when the landslide occurred. After a thorough investigation, the road failure was determined to be caused by groundwater seepage nine feet below the road surface. Crews will build a retaining wall and manage groundwater with a drainage system below the road. Clackamas River Water will also be on site to replace the existing water line.
Transportation and Development
Two feet standing on tactile pavement
The plan identifies barriers that impede access for people with disabilities to county roadways, and includes the results from a survey of county transportation facilities (more than 4,500 curb ramps, traffic signals and pedestrian signals) and extensive public outreach to learn about accessibility barrier concerns and priorities from people with disabilities.


Clackamas County Parks is teaming up with Metro and other key stakeholders to create a master plan that addresses public outdoor recreation needs for Barton Park and its associated properties. From expanding park amenities to easing the flow of traffic onsite and in surrounding areas, there are many changes in store that will benefit the community, neighborhood and park users.
Transportation Engineering
Bull Run Truss Bridge
The asphalt concrete approaches at the Bull Run Truss Bridge will be repaired. The asphalt concrete at this bridge is in poor condition and needs repair. This location experiences heavy truck loads and relatively high speeds at the bridge. Repair of the approaches will provide safer movement of vehicles and have a smoother transition and less wearing impact to the existing bridge structure. Updated: 4/12/18


Transportation and Development
Canby Ferry on the water on a foggy day
A one-year study to identify the financial and traffic impacts of constructing a bridge across the Willamette River at the location of the Canby Ferry, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018
Transportation Engineering
Carver Bridge on a sunny day
Carver Bridge replacement that carries the Springwater Road over the Clackamas River in its current location. The new bridge is a two-lane bridge, with sidewalks and bike paths on both sides.
Transportation Engineering
The intersection of Central Point and New Era has a high ranking in the Safety Priority Index System (SPIS) list. There have been a number of crashes including some fatal and serious injury crashes at the intersection. This project may include changes such as intersection lane realignment, addition of flashers, pavement markings and/or signing, and deployment of electronic warning devices. Updated: 4/13/18
Housing Authority
Clackamas Heights building
The Clackamas Heights Master Plan will transform a 16 acre, 100 unit public housing neighborhood built in the 1940s into a 300 unit mixed income community. An extensive community engagement process will help to determine the final design and amenities that will be constructed on the site.
Transportation Engineering
A woman jogging safely on a sidewalk beside a busy street.
Create safe pedestrian and bicycle connections between the Clackamas Regional Center Max Green Line light rail station and major area employers and services by working with the community to identify and prioritize safe pedestrian and bicycle connections in the area.
Housing Authority
Clayton Mohr Commons Concept Art
Clayton Mohr Commons will provide housing for veterans at or below 30% of the area median income. The 24-unit, fully subsidized project, will serve chronically homeless and severely low-income veterans and their families. The site is near community amenities like transit, grocery stores and health care providers.
Transportation Engineering
Clear Creek bridge
The asphalt concrete approaches at the Clear Creek Bridge will be repaired.
County Courthouse
Courthouse concept design
Factoring in population growth, the significant safety risks, and functional impediments associated with the existing courthouse including a lack of adequate jury assembly space and secured access for defendants and witnesses, replacement of the courthouse is a wise investment.


Damascus Roads
When the city of Damascus disincorporated on July 16, 2016, the responsibility and the funding for the area’s transportation system was returned to Clackamas County.


Transportation Engineering
The scope of this project is to install a temporary traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 224 and Springwater Road. This is an interim solution to improve operation and safety at this intersection. Updated: 1/12/18
Housing Authority
Hillside Master Plan concept design
A grant funded planning project that will envision the future for this 22 acre public housing community.


Transportation Engineering
Construct 950 feet of pedestrian improvements -- a multi-use pathway, new curb, sidewalk and sidewalk ADA ramps -- adjacent to the west side of Candy Lane Elementary School on Portland Avenue between Hull Avenue and Jennings Avenue. Many students and residents did not have a safe means of getting to and from their neighborhood schools. Completing this stretch of sidewalk will allow the County and the Oregon City School District to provide a safer route to schools for students. The project is also improving connectivity to local businesses and transportation options. The total project includes the design, engineering and construction of sidewalks and stormwater improvements, and new and updated signs.


Transportation and Development
Map of Lolo Pass
Lolo Pass Road has been damaged by floods in the past – most recently in 2011. Future floods are also expected. Roadway damage can cut off access to residences and U.S. Forest Service facilities until repairs are made. In 2015, the County and Western Federal Lands Highway Division studied possible alternatives to Lolo Pass Road with a lower risk of flooding that would maintain access to Zig Zag Village and the Mt. Hood National Forest.


Transportation Engineering
Monroe Neighborhood Street Design Plan
The goal of the plan is to create a neighborhood street that improves safety for all modes of travel (walking, bicycling, and driving), with a special emphasis on pedestrians and cyclists.


Transportation and Development
Clackamas County is leading a study to determine if it might be feasible to build a pedestrian/bicycle bridge across the Willamette River between unincorporated Oak Grove and the City of Lake Oswego.
Housing Authority
Oregon City View Manor
Oregon City View Manor is a 22-acre Public Housing community with 100 units. Built in 1962, the Housing Authority will seek to sell the majority of the property because zoning and geography mean there are few opportunities to redevelop. HACC is planning to retain 4-5 acres to build new housing on the property.


Planning and Zoning
Map of the Park Avenue Project
The McLoughlin Area Plan Implementation Team (MAP-IT) and Clackamas County are working with the community to create updated land use development and design standards for commercial areas within ½ mile of the light rail station at Park Avenue and McLoughlin Boulevard in Oak Grove, just south of the city of Milwaukie.
Transportation and Development
Sunrise Gateway Corridor map


Transportation Maintenance
Workers paving a road on a summer day.
Our 186 bridges are inspected every 2 years and through those inspections we sometimes find repair and maintenance work that needs to be done to preserve the bridge structure and keep it safe for travelers. That work often includes bridge scour projects, either removing excess soil from stream channels or replacing soil around foundations that has been washed away during high water events.
Housing Authority
Rosewood Station concept art
Rosewood Station will provide housing for those at or below 60% area median income.


Transportation Engineering
The Clackamas County Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program helps create safe walking and bicycling conditions for K-12 students.
Transportation Engineering
Three workers repairing the bridge
Replace the existing one-lane bridge with a new two-lane bridge. The current bridge, built in 1958, is reaching the end of its functional life and is weight-limited. The 18-month construction project includes building a temporary detour bridge, removing the old bridge, building the new bridge and then removing the detour bridge.
Transportation Engineering
Cars on SE 90th Avenue
SE 90th Avenue will be reconstructed between SE Monterey Ave and SE Causey Ave. SE 90th, adjacent to the Clackamas Town Center, is a local road lined with apartments between SE Monterey Ave and SE Causey Ave. The concrete roadway is in poor condition with substantial cracking in many of the concrete panels. Several of the concrete panels are crumbling and require continuous ongoing maintenance to repair.
Transportation Engineering
Clackamas County has received Federal Emergency Relief Program (ERP) funds to stabilize the roadway and slope on South End Road at Milepost 3.8 (near Coffee Creek). The road was damaged in March 2017 as a result of heavy rains. A state emergency declaration, which included Clackamas County, was signed by the governor that allows Clackamas County to be eligible for the federal funding.


Transportation Engineering
The project team, working with a Public Advisory Committee (PAC) and a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), analyzed current walking and bicycling conditions.
Transportation Engineering
Torbank Rd. Sidewalks
Clackamas County has bicycle/pedestrian funds to enhance sidewalk facilities along SE Torbank Road in Oak Grove between River Road and the Trolley Trail. Most of the street has no sidewalks needed to provide safe routes for students, traveling to and from home and Oak Grove Elementary and other area schools. These pedestrian improvements will provide an important connection to an Essential Pedestrian Network and an existing sidewalk along the school’s frontage. Updated: 4/12/18
County Administration
Pods at the Veterans Village
The purpose of this project is to provide decent, safe and sanitary shelter for our veterans. As a county and community, we must be responsive to the needs of our residents. Helping people live independent, productive lives benefits the community as a whole.
Transportation Engineering
Construction on a road
Construction projects involving roads, bridges, sidewalks, and more in Clackamas County.
Transportation and Development
The TSP reflects all relevant national, state and regional transportation and planning requirements, and provides policies, guidelines and projects to meet transportation needs for residents, businesses and visitors in unincorporated Clackamas County for 20 years.
Transportation Engineering
Worker on SW Petes Mountain Rd
The asphalt concrete approaches at the Wiess Bridge will be repaired. The asphalt concrete at this bridge is in poor condition and needs repair. This location experiences heavy truck loads and relatively high speeds at the bridge. Repair of the approaches will provide safer movement of vehicles and have a smoother transition and less wearing impact to the existing bridge structure. Updated: 4/12/18


Housing Authority
Webster Road
18000 Webster Road is 2.21 acres in size and the building is approximately 24,000 square feet. The most recent use of the site was a residential behavioral health services facility. 
Transportation Engineering
Creek under Wright Road
An island has formed upstream of the Wright Road/Dave Phillips Bridge and severe scour is occurring on the bridge structure. Workers will remove material from the island and add protection to the foundation of the bridge to prevent additional scour.