Housing Affordability and Homelessness Task Force

The Housing Affordability and Homelessness Task Force is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to research, recommend and support new policies and strategies aimed at housing affordability and homelessness in Clackamas County. Task Force members help represent business and community interests in discussions and encourage participation in two community-based summits targeted for the summer and fall of 2018.

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Task Force members will attend monthly meetings held at Clackamas County offices at 2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are in Development Services Building, room 115 from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

July 25, 2019 minutes
April 24, 2019 agenda | minutes
March 29, 2019 housing services recommendation | planning zoning and development recommendation
March 27, 2019 minutes 1 | minutes 2
Jan. 27, 2019 minutes
Dec. 12, 2018 agenda | minutespacket
Nov. 28, 2018 agenda | minutes |  presentation
Oct. 24, 2018 agenda | minuteswork plan | action table
Sept. 26, 2018 agenda | minutes presentation
July 25, 2018 agenda | minutes | presentation
June 27, 2018 agenda | minutes
May 23, 2018 agenda | minutes | presentation

The Task Force Will Seek to Achieve the Following Outcomes

The Task Force will gather information and make specific near term recommendations on regulatory changes and mechanisms that will foster the maintenance and development of affordable housing for all income levels, including the homeless.

Clackamas County and cooperating cities are funding a Housing Needs Assessment to provide a detailed analysis of housing demand, supply and needs throughout the county at all income levels. Based on that analysis, the Task Force will recommend funding programs that will strengthen the County's ability to foster housing affordability and reduce homelessness.

Today, there is a host of programs, committees and bodies addressing housing affordability and homelessness. The Task Force will make recommendations on long-term oversight, advocacy and coordination of housing affordability and homelessness reduction efforts in Clackamas County and interested cities.

Taskforce Timeline

  • Phase One
    Identify and recommend a range of near term actions the County could and should do now.
    Target: Summer 2018
  • Phase Two
    Identify and recommend best ways the County could fund and financially support housing affordability and reduce homelessness.
    Target: Fall 2018
  • Phase Three
    Recommend ways the County, its cooperating cities, community service providers and business partners could better coordinate efforts in the long run.
    Target: Summer 2019

For more information about the Housing Affordability and Homelessness Task Force, email HousingTaskForce@clackamas.us.