Veteran's Tax Exemptions

If you are a disabled veteran, or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you may be entitled to exempt a portion of your property taxes.


  • Be a war veteran who is officially certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or any branch of the United States armed forces as being 40% or more disabled
  • Be a surviving spouse of a war veteran who has not remarried.
  • You must own and live on the property. Buyers with recorded contracts and life estate holders are considered owners. Temporary absences due to vacation, travel or illness do not disqualify you from the program.

Amount of the exemption

For 2023, the basic exemption for a disabled veteran or their surviving spouse is $24,793 of Assessed Value. The exemption for a service-connected disability is $29,753 of Assessed Value. These amounts increase each year by 3%. This is an average savings in property taxes of approximately $400.

How to file

  • You need to file an application with our office by April 1 to secure the exemption for taxes due the following Nov. 15. Once qualified, you do not need to file an annual renewal.
  • The exemption is applied to your current residence and is not transferrable. If you move or change the ownership record you will need to file a new application.
  • If you are a disabled war veteran, but not certified by the armed forces, you will need to meet an income limit. For 2022, the income limit is a total gross income of $25,142 without dependents, $33,874 with one dependent, and increases by $8,732 for each additional dependent.

If you have questions or wish to file, you can contact our office at 503-655-8671 and ask for assistance with the Veteran's Tax Exemption or download information from the State about the Veteran's Property Tax Exemption.

Application Claim form Veteran's Property Tax Application