Code Enforcement Hearings Officer

The Code Enforcement Hearings Officer, an impartial third party contracted by the county, acts on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners in considering and applying regulatory enactments and policies set forth in Clackamas County Code related to the Zoning and Development Ordinance (ZDO), solid waste and waste management, building codes, noise control, excavating and grading, road use, abatement of dangerous buildings, chronic nuisance and graffiti.

In cases filed by the County with the Hearings Officer, the Hearings Officer’s decision shall be the County’s final determination. Judicial review of the Hearing Officer’s decision may be sought before the Clackamas County Circuit Court.

  • Hearings are scheduled on the 2nd Tuesday, 4th Thursday and Wednesdays of each month as needed, and may be cancelled or postponed as cases evolve.
  • Hearings will not begin before the time noted, but may begin later depending on the length of prior items.
  • Any interested person may attend the hearing to listen or testify.
  • To comply with current social distancing requirements, this code enforcement hearing will only be conducted virtually using the Zoom platform. One week before the hearing, a Zoom link to the code enforcement hearing and details on how to observe and testify online or by telephone will be available below next to the applicable file number.
  • Please direct questions to the Code Enforcement Specialist, whose contact information is found by selecting the file number below.
  • Clackamas County is committed to providing access and will make reasonable accommodations, modifications, or provide translation, interpretation or other services upon request. Please contact us at least three business days before the meeting at 503-742-4452 or email
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