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When the city of Damascus disincorporated on July 16, 2016, the responsibility and the funding for the area’s transportation system was returned to Clackamas County. Under state law, the county must adopt a Transportation System Plan (TSP) to guide investments in the transportation system of the unincorporated areas of the county. However, there were legal challenges to the disincorporation, so the county held off on any action. With the final legal determination in 2020 that Damascus is disincorporated, the county will begin work on the TSP for the Damascus area in 2021.



  • Road maintenance and repairs
  • Long-range transportation system planning


  •  $2.854 million in the city’s road fund at the time of disincorporation
  • Approximately $8 million of additional state transportation funds from 2016 through 2026

The county…

  • Provides repair and maintenance services to roads within the boundaries of the former city
  • Will work with the community to develop a transportation system plan for areas of county responsibility within the boundaries of the former city once legal issues are resolved

Map of area to be included in Transportation System Plan

Transportation Plan Update Area

When Clackamas County created its current Transportation System Plan (TSP) in 2013, Damascus was a city, so it was not included in the TSP.  With the disincorporation of the City of Damascus in 2016, the former city area once again became part of the unincorporated area of Clackamas County. Since then, there have been legal issues regarding the status of the area.  Once those are resolved, if Damascus remains unincorporated, based on state law the county will develop and adopt a Transportation System Plan (TSP) to guide investments in the new unincorporated area. 

Another factor in the area is that voluntary annexations to the City of Happy Valley have moved those properties from county responsibility to city of Happy Valley responsibility. Happy Valley is developing its own land use and transportation planning process for the western portion of the Damascus area, from about 190th Ave west to 172nd Ave, including the Carver area. Due to this process, the county’s TSP will include the area east of the Happy Valley planning area to the limits of the former city of Damascus, as shown on the map.

Open house | Reunion comunitaria

Damascus Roads: Now and in the future | Caminos De Damascus: Ahora y en el futuro

More than 100 interested residents attended an open house on March 20, 2018, to learn about plans for road maintenance and planning in Damascus. Materials used at the open house are available below.

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