Forest Recreational Use Policy

Day use activities

You are welcome to hike, fish, pick mushrooms and berries for personal use, picnic and generally enjoy the forest during daylight hours only. Be careful. Use the property at your own risk. Please do not trespass on our neighbors. You are responsible for knowing where you are.

Prohibited activities

  • No motorized vehicles (including ATVs and OHVs) are allowed. ORD
  • Do not block gates or you may be towed at your expense. ORD
  • No discharging of firearms. ORD
  • No hunting. ORD
  • Do not cut trees — either standing or down.
  • Do not cut firewood or remove vegetation. ORD
  • All fires are prohibited on county forest property. ORD
  • No dumping or littering. ORD
  • Stay clear of active logging areas and all equipment.
  • No use is allowed after dark. ORD

Violators will be prosecuted.