Clackamas County adopts FY 2022-23 budgets

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Public safety prioritized; Supportive Housing Services funding a highlight

The Board of County Commissioners formally adopted most fiscal year 2022-2023 budgets earlier today.

These actions followed a series of public meetings and hearings by the county’s budget committee and other service district budget committees in late May. 

The newly adopted budgets total $1,522,176,661, which includes service district and agency budgets, dedicated state and federal funds, grants, property taxes, and other revenue sources.

The adopted general budget for Clackamas County (not including service districts/agencies) is $1,164,712,297, including reserves.

The budgets for both the Housing Authority of Clackamas County and the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation Districtare not included in the above figures. Those budgets will be passed later this month. 


  • The county’s general fund, which is overwhelmingly made up of property taxes the county receives for general operations, is budgeted at approximately $160.3 million. These are discretionary funds that the Board of County Commissioners can allocate wherever it chooses. 

    Of this $160.3 million, approximately $97.8 million (61%) is directed to public safety efforts (Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Community Corrections, District Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Department). The Board of County Commissioners has made clear that public safety is a priority for our community. 

  • The passed adopted general budget includes approximately $32 million in funding from Metro’s Supportive Housing Services measure, which funds services for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Clackamas County investments in this area are guided by our Local Implementation Plan


The adopted budgets for county-governed service districts and agencies are:

  • Clackamas County Development Agency, $36,433,692
  • Clackamas County Enhanced Law Enforcement District, $8,248,041
  • Clackamas County Extension and 4-H Service District, $12,370,305
  • Clackamas Water Environment Services, $272,831,514
  • Library Service District of Clackamas County, $22,113,650
  • Street Lighting Service District No. 5, $5,467,162

To review the budget documents and other related content, please visit the county’s budget page and today’s Business Meeting agenda.