County Brings Housing and Homeless Services Together Under One Division

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Clackamas County is bringing together many of our housing and homeless services into a new structure called the Housing and Community Development Division (HCDD). Historically, the county’s housing and homeless services have been provided by the Housing Authority, the Social Services Division, the Community Development Division, and the Children, Family & Community Connections Division. With the introduction of significant new programming and funding through the Metro Supportive Housing Services (SHS) Measure, it is time for this work to come together under one roof. The outcome will be improved continuity and efficiency between related programs, better outcomes for the people we serve and the community-based organizations we rely upon to deliver services, and public transparency about the full range of housing funding and outcomes. This move will also ensure that we have the organizational infrastructure we need to support our growing staff and the delivery of up to $50 million in new services funded by the SHS Measure. The new division will oversee the county’s homeless outreach and engagement, safety off the streets, housing placement and retention, supportive housing, weatherization, community development, and building and maintaining affordable housing. Recruitment for a division director is underway. We expect that HCDD will be close to fully functioning as a new division by the end of this fiscal year on June 31, 2023.