Supportive Housing Services 2022-2023 Quarter Two Report Released

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From October 1 through December 31, 2022 (Q2), Clackamas County’s supportive housing services (SHS) program is happy to have housed 124 people in permanent supportive housing. During this period, the county executed $8.5 million in contracts with organizations that provide housing and homeless outreach services in our county. New contracts during this second quarter of the 2022-23 fiscal year brought the number of SHS-funded emergency shelter units in our county up to 139 units. These are housing placements funded through the supportive housing services program, and do not represent all housing placements, shelter and services that the county provides.

Notably, the county began our first street outreach program during this period. Outreach organizations are meeting and connecting with residents experiencing homelessness, providing essential survival supplies, connecting people to shelter and conducting Coordinated Housing Access (CHA) assessments to move people to permanent housing. In December, these organizations provided life-saving supplies during severe weather and identified highly vulnerable individuals for emergency shelter placements. 

Since Clackamas County’s SHS programming began in July 2021, the program has placed a total of 385 people into permanent supportive housing. Read the full Quarter 2 report here.