Clackamas County District Attorney releases update on officer-involved shooting from April 29

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DA sealThe investigation into the April 29 officer-involved shooting remains ongoing, officials announced Thursday.

Investigators from the Clackamas County Interagency Major Crimes Team, in collaboration with the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office, found that on April 29, a male individual notified a female associate he had been carjacked near SE 122nd and SE Glisan in Portland by a suspect armed with a handgun. The vehicle which was taken contained his cell phone and other personal property.

Using a phone-based application, the male and female located the stolen car at Greenhouse Square shopping center on 82nd Drive in Clackamas. The male and female went to the area to find the stolen vehicle and the male had a firearm. Between 11:30-11:45 p.m., the male and female found the vehicle, a 2011 Toyota Camry, in the parking lot of Greenhouse Square. The vehicle was occupied by Carlos Sanchez, 23, of Sandy, who was unknown to the male and female. It is alleged upon being challenged by the male owner of the vehicle, there was an exchange of gunfire between Sanchez and the male. The female was struck on the side and male was struck in the head. The injuries to the male and female are non-life threatening.

Deputies from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, as well as an officer from the Gladstone Police Department, immediately responded to the reported shooting. The female flagged down an arriving deputy and was observed to have sustained a gunshot wound to her side. The female pointed out the fleeing suspect vehicle to the deputy who was able to broadcast that information before focusing on rendering aid to the victim. The male owner of the car, who had been injured in the head by a bullet fragment ran from the scene but was later located and his gun eventually recovered.

Additional Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputies immediately responded, and Sanchez was observed fleeing in the Camry. Sanchez eluded the deputies and the lead deputy in the pursuit, Deputy Derek Huskisson, who has been a deputy with Clackamas County for 11 years, attempted to immobilize the Sanchez’ vehicle using a PIT maneuver. The vehicle driven by Sanchez stopped in the area of SE 172 and SE Scouters Mountain Road with the lead patrol car in close proximity. Sanchez opened fire from his vehicle, attempting to shoot Deputy Huskisson. Deputy Huskisson returned fire at Sanchez.

Due to Sanchez’s immediately engaging Deputy Huskisson with gunfire, there was no ability to attempt less than lethal or de-escalation options.

Sanchez was removed from the vehicle and life saving measures were administered. Sanchez was transported to Emanuel hospital where he later died. The pursuit was captured by dash cam and includes footage showing Sanchez firing at Deputy Huskisson before Deputy Huskisson returned fire. Crime scene investigators also located a handgun inside the Camry and there was a bullet hole in the passenger side door of Deputy Huskisson’s patrol vehicle.

After Sanchez was identified, it was determined he had an outstanding warrant out of Clackamas County for using a child in a display of sexual conduct, delivery of a controlled substance to a minor, online sexual corruption, second-degree sexual abuse and third-degree rape. Sanchez was also a suspect in a carjacking and armed robbery from earlier in the year in the City of Sandy that was under investigation.

During the post-mortem examination on May 2, it was determined Sanchez was shot twice in the head. One bullet is believed to have been fired by the male during the exchange of gunfire at the Greenhouse Square parking lot as the injury and bullet fragment recovered were consistent with the firearm seized from the other male involved in that incident.

As of today, it is inconclusive whether the second gunshot wound to the head was the result of the return fire by Deputy Huskisson, or self-inflicted. No bullet fragments were located from the second wound. However, examination of dash cam footage and evidence recovered from the vehicle Sanchez was driving supports a conclusion that Sanchez committed suicide. Investigators are working to make a final determination and information will be made publicly available once that portion of the investigation is complete. The shooting at the Greenhouse Square parking lot is still under investigation.

In accordance with standard protocol, detectives from the Gladstone and Tualatin Police Departments are leading the Major Crimes Team’s investigation, with assistance from Lake Oswego, and Oregon State Police detectives.

This is the third investigation by the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office in 2023 where an individual has fired a weapon at a member of Clackamas County law enforcement:

Chris Owen
Chief Deputy District Attorney
Clackamas County DA’s Office