Clackamas Water Environment Services Rules and Standards Update

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Clackamas Water Environment Services (WES) has updated its Rules & Regulations (Rules) and Technical Standards (Standards). The new Rules will go into effect July 1, 2023. WES’s Rules are established to promote the health, safety, prosperity, security, orderly and uniform administration of the district affairs, and general welfare of the inhabitants using the district’s sanitary and stormwater systems. 

The revisions to the Rules and Standards are the result of an extensive community outreach initiative that included stakeholder interviews, information forums, and a series of task force workshops. 

The update provides the following: 

  • Consistent & comprehensive Rules and Standards for WES  
  • Streamlined development review and approval 
  • Improved regional alignment with county/cities 
  • Addresses new regulatory requirements 
  • Updated policies to reflect new technologies 

Some of the key policies addressed include:

Annexation (Rules, Section 2.4) - This section establishes procedures relating to annexing of territory into the district.

Sanitary EDU Assignments (Rules, Section 5.4.1) - Modifies the Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) classification assignments methodologies to align with current understanding of sanitary discharge volumes and impacts by category.

System Development Charges Installment Payments (Rules, Section 5.4.10) - Where the district assigns more than two EDUs to a development, the district may approve an application to pay the charge in installments and may lien the property for the amount financed.

Reimbursement Districts (Rules, Section 5.6) - A developer who is not otherwise eligible for SDC credits and who chooses or is required as a condition of development to finance or construct public improvements of the sanitary and/or stormwater system, such that other properties will benefit from those public improvements may request that the district establish a reimbursement district.

Use of Public Property (Rules, Section 9) - This section establishes rules to protect the public use of WES owned and managed property and facilities and to establish violations of those rules.

Enforcement (Rules, Section 10) - This section presents the enforcement policies, methods, and processes used by the district.

Low Income Monthly User Charges (Rules, Section 5.8.3) - The monthly user charge for service provided to the principal residence of a household having a maximum income under the qualifying limits shall be 50 percent (50%) of the monthly sewer user charge. 

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