DA's Office Employee Spotlight - Julie Breck


Julie BreckName: Julie Breck

Job Title: Legal Assistant Senior

How long have you worked in the DA’s Office: 3 ½ years

If someone doesn’t know you and asks what you do for work on a day to day basis, you’d describe it by saying the following: My days at work are filled with supporting the DDA’s in the domestic violence and person’s felony units in whatever capacity may be needed, whether it’s intake of new cases, filing charging documents, scheduling hearings or making certain that the water coolers and copiers are working. I also meet with management staff to regularly improve our processes and flow of work and I try to bring a sense of humor into each day. I sincerely enjoy and take pride in making the jobs our DDA’s do even just a little bit easier. 

How your work makes county residents safer: Our DDA’s work diligently to investigate and prosecute crimes committed in our community. If we are able to keep one drug dealer, one abuser, one child molester, one thief off our streets, that in turn, keeps our county and community safer as a whole. As an office, we work closely together and each have an important role in the ongoing goal of public safety. Even something as small as making sure office supplies are stocked, which seems miniscule, can make a difference in a DDA’s day, which in turn, makes a difference in where their focus needs to be.

The accomplishment by you that you’re most proud of since working in the DA’s Office: I am proud of the fact that, at 60 years old, after having been in the legal field for over half of that time, I was able to come here and finally experience what means to help the victims of crime. I’ve worked my way now to the position of Senior Legal and am proud of the work I have done to get to this position where I can hopefully help effectuate change in our office for the better. 

Something you wish more people knew about the Clackamas County DA’s Office: We’re fun and good people! The people in this office TRULY care about our community and the people we serve and I don’t know if there is one person here who thinks of what they do as “just a job.”

Can you tell us something about yourself most people wouldn’t know: I sing! I’ve been with Portland’s Singing Christmas Tree since 2002, as a choir member and was on the Board of Directors for a period of time.