Clackamas County Conducting Property Appraisals

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Oregon law requires County Assessors to value all properties each year.

To accomplish this, property appraisers from our Assessor’s Office will be visiting certain properties during the next several months, in order to verify new construction or other activity that has come to our attention. We typically learn of new construction, remodels or demolitions through permit records.

Learn more information about how this might impact your property taxes.

What appraisers look like

Residents can identify our official county appraisers easily. They:

  • drive county cars clearly marked with the county logo,
  • wear bright orange vests, and
  • have county identification (badges) to identify themselves.

Clackamas County deeply cares about resident privacy and safety. We also deeply care about the safety of our staff, which is why we are promoting this action and our appraisers’ appearances, to ensure the community knows who they are and what’s going on.

Clackamas County Appraiser

Clackamas County Appraiser


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