DA's Office Employee Spotlight - Tiffany Escover

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Tiffany Escover

Name: Tiffany Escover

Job title: Deputy District Attorney

How long you have worked in the DA’s office: 3 ½ years

If someone doesn’t know you and asks what you do for work on a day-to-day basis, you’d describe it by saying the following: 

I currently work on the misdemeanor unit where we have a high volume of cases. My typical workdays involve reviewing police reports to determine whether criminal charges are appropriate, attending court proceedings, and negotiating appropriate resolutions to existing cases. In instances where an agreement cannot be reached, I proceed to litigate the case in a trial setting.

How your work makes county residents safer:

A significant portion of my work is focused on impaired driving prosecution – a crime that has devastating effects on our community. Within this role, I offer guidance to law enforcement on the identification and proper investigation of impaired driving incidents, aiming to enhance the safety of our streets.

The accomplishment by you that you’re most proud of since working in the DA’s office: 

In my role as the DUII Court Prosecutor, I have the opportunity to observe participants as they navigate through treatment and chart their path to recovery. Witnessing individuals liberate themselves from the clutches of addiction and regain control over their lives is remarkable, and I take great pride in being a contributing member of this transformative process.

Something you wish more people know about the Clackamas County DA’s office:

The involvement of the community is integral to the prosecution process, and it holds genuine importance for our office. Community support fosters collaboration, trust, and the active engagement of witnesses, victims, and jurors, all of which are indispensable for maintaining a just and safe community. Given that many court proceedings are open to the public, we encourage you to visit and witness firsthand the impactful work we undertake.