DA's Office Employee Spotlight - Stacey Borgman


Tiffany Escover

Name: Stacey Borgman

Job title: Senior Deputy District Attorney

How long you have worked in the DA’s office: 17 ½ years

If someone doesn’t know you and asks what you do for work on a day-to-day basis, you’d describe it by saying the following: 

Currently, I am the Team Lead for four experienced Deputy District Attorneys. Our unit prosecutes felony property crimes, Elder Abuse, Arson, Bias Crimes, felony Animal Abuse and Environmental Crimes. I work closely with them staffing cases that they charge, plea offers and mentoring their trial work. I also have a case load of my own, which is a mix of property cases, elder abuse, child abuse and homicide cases.

How your work makes county residents safer:

Accountability. Whether the result is treatment or prison, it is our job to hold people accountable for their actions.

The accomplishment by you that you’re most proud of since working in the DA’s office: 

I am most proud of the 10 years I spent prosecuting child abuse cases. I have had the honor of working closely with children in our community to encourage them to find their voices and to have the courage to face their perpetrators.

Something you wish more people know about the Clackamas County DA’s office:

That we believe in the work that we do. We want our county to be a better, safer place for our families and the families in our community. Most of our DA’s live and work here. Additionally, our office is a leader in treatment courts. Our goal is to reduce crime and we recognize that in some cases treating the underlying addiction or mental health issue will accomplish that goal.

Can you tell us something about yourself most people wouldn’t know (e.g. you’re an accomplished trumpet player, you’re an award-winning baker, you love competing in triathlons, etc.):

I am an Olympian. I competed in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece in rowing. I am originally from Alaska, and I learned to row while attending college in New York City.