Clackamas County District Attorney establishes advisory panel

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 DA sealOREGON CITY, Or. — In a groundbreaking initiative geared toward fostering community engagement and transparency in the criminal justice system, Clackamas County District Attorney John Wentworth has announced the establishment of the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office Advisory Panel.

Comprising a diverse cohort of individuals representing various communities within Clackamas County, members were selected for their diverse backgrounds and experiences. They will collaborate closely with the district attorney’s office on matters crucial to the community's interests. Additionally, they will act as ambassadors to their respective neighborhoods, communities and organizations, bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community.

Clackamas County District Attorney's Office Advisory Panel

“I am extremely happy that the formation of this panel has come to fruition,” Wentworth said. “These local community members will be key in making sure the criminal justice system in Clackamas County is both in tune with and reflects the values of our communities.”

This panel is the first in the state to be created to advise a district attorney’s office. While the county’s more than 40 advisory boards and commissions participate in county decision-making processes and report to the Board of County Commissioners, this panel does not. It will convene quarterly to provide invaluable insights and perspectives only to the district attorney’s office.

The creation of this panel marks a pivotal step towards enhancing collaboration within Clackamas County's legal framework. As the panel embarks on its mission, it underscores a commitment to a more participatory, and informed criminal justice landscape. The panel’s establishment reflects a proactive approach to addressing the diverse needs and concerns of Clackamas County residents, reaffirming the district attorney office’s dedication to serving the community effectively.

With the primary objectives of promoting open communication, encouraging community involvement in criminal justice affairs, and facilitating education initiatives, the panel seeks to fortify relationships across Clackamas County. By providing a platform for constructive dialogue and feedback, the panel aims to address concerns and issues pertinent to Clackamas County residents.

“Our goal is to forge robust connections with people and organizations throughout the county,” Wentworth said. “I believe that through these alliances, the panel will help to cultivate better collaborations with the public we serve.”

Members of this inaugural panel include: Imran Hader, Cecilia Monto, Karla Brashear, Keith Sconiers, Hannah Wachter, Jamie Schau, Corey Hessler, Kent Wyatt, Rebeca Stavenjord, Muneer Mubashir, Logan Negherbon and Clackamas County District Attorney John Wentworth.

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