Wastewater leak into the Willamette River


Clackamas Water Environment Services (WES) personnel responded to a release of wastewater near the Willamette River Thursday morning, April 4.

The release came from a break in the sewer line approximately 100 feet back from the riverbank near the 5600 block of River Street in West Linn.

WES personnel are currently doing emergency repairs. A small amount, likely less than a hundred gallons, spilled today.

Crews placed signs informing area residents about the spill in the vicinity of the incident. The Oregon Emergency Response System has been notified. The affected ground area has been cleaned.

The public is advised to avoid contact along the south side of the Willamette from Allegra’s beach to the North side of Burnside Park for 24 hours.

April 9 update: Repairs have been completed