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Public Health, Wildfires
Boiling water

Boil water to prevent potentially harmful bacteria.

Public Health

After a lengthy and competitive search, Clackamas County has hired Philip Mason…

Public Health
Long-eared bat

Learn what to do in case of a bat bite

Public Health, Coronavirus
COVID-19 virus photo

Individual had close contact with another known case and is currently…

Public Health

County officials stress that accurate information should only be taken from…

Public Health

Patient is an adult resident of Washington County, and works at a Lake Oswego…

Public Health

Local and state health officials, community groups and elected officials will…

Public Health

More than 60 cases of whooping cough since July.

Public Health
Overdose Billboard

This message will appear on billboards at various locations along busy highways…

Public Health
Canby Library

The Clackamas County Canby Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program is…

Disaster Management, Public Health

Public Health works to increase local preparedness and response in the event of…

Public Health

An Oregon Health Authority (OHA) report on the most recent round of inspections…