Probationary Period

New and promoted employees have a probationary period as part of their evaluation process in the new job. A probationary period is a working test period which allows your supervisor time to consider your suitability for the job and gives you an opportunity to decide if you are satisfied with the job. New employees serve a twelve (12) month probationary period. Promoted employees who previously had attained regular status with the County serve a six (6) month probationary period. If you are on a leave of absence (paid or unpaid) for more than thirty (30) days during the probationary period, your probationary period will be extended by the amount of the leave.

Performance Evaluations

An employee's first performance evaluation occurs six months following hire or promotion. After the initial evaluation, an employee's performance is reviewed at least annually. This is regardless of qualification for a salary increase.

The review shall include the following:

  • An evaluation of the employee's quality and quantity of work
  • A review of exceptional employee accomplishments
  • Establishment of goals for career development and job enrichment
  • A review of the areas which need improvement
  • Setting of performance goals for the employee for the following year