Identification / Access Badge

All County employees are issued a photo ID / Access Badge when they begin employment. This badge is generally issued on or near your first day at work. Your supervisor will assist in setting up an appointment with our Facilities Division to have your photo taken and a card issued to you. So come prepared to smile for the camera!

You should display your photo ID / Access Badge at all times while in a County facility and when hosting or appearing at County functions or community events. The ID badge can be worn using a breakaway lanyard, clip-on badge reel or badge holder. For many employees working in facilities with card access systems, the ID badge also serves as your door access to employee entrances and/or outside of public hours.

The ID Badges provide a consistent method of identifying other county employees and establishes a standard of security and access control that provides a safe work environment for County staff and the public.

ID/Access Badge Program Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear my badge all the time at work?
Yes. Not only is this your door access (if your building has door access system) but this is a way to help improve your safety by being able to know who belongs in your department and building. Your badge should be clearly visible to anyone.

Can I wear my special lanyard?
Yes if the lanyard is a break-away. This is a safety issue.

What if I lose my badge?
Report this immediately to your supervisor and Facilities Management.

What should I do if I see someone in my department without an ID / Access Badge in my department?
Ask them if you can help them. Most of the time it will be someone who is lost and you can help them by showing where to go. If you are uncomfortable doing this or you are still concerned about the person, report this to your supervisor immediately.

What should I do if someone tries to come into the building when I open the door before or after normal business hours? 
Ask that person to show you their ID / Access Badge. If they do not have a badge, inform them that the building is not open for business. If they just continue to enter the building, notify your supervisor or call 9-1-1. Remember, the goal for the ID / Access Badge program is improve the safety and security of our buildings.

When do people need special ID badges (Visitor, Volunteer, etc.) given to them? 
Any time someone is behind the reception desk (except at places where this is normal part of business like the clinics) should have an ID Badge on. If someone is in the public area of the building then they do not need a badge.

What if I do not have access to a door or building that I need? 
Inform you supervisor of the situation. If the supervisor agrees that you need that door or building access, a work request should be submitted to Facilities Management with the supervisor's name in the request. Facilities Management will contact the supervisor if there are any questions regarding the request.

Can I go anywhere in the County with by ID / Access Badge? 
No. If you go to another department or building, you must check in with the receptionist or someone prior to going in to that department or building.

What should I do if my badge is damaged or broken? 
Report this to your supervisor and send a work request to Facilities Management.

Can I place stickers, pins, etc. on my badge? 
No. Placing stickers can cover the security laminate on the badge, pins can cause the door access not to work, and the front of the badge should be clean and should be easily viewed.