Safety/Risk Management

Clackamas County is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees. Our goal is to promote and encourage a workplace where each employee views him/herself as a risk manager. Clackamas County makes every effort to comply with relevant federal and state occupational health and safety laws. As a new employee, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the County's and your department's safety rules and procedures. If safety equipment, clothing or training is necessary for you to perform your job, the County will provide these to you. Our goal is to encourage behaviors which promote workplace safety, as well as establish a pattern of safety practices which can benefit us in our jobs and personal lives.

Below are some related Employee Practices and Procedures (EPP) to familiarize yourself with our risk management culture:

EPP # 5: Drug Free Workplace Act and Policy

EPP #34: Violence in the Workplace Policy

EPP #51: Pre-Employment Drug Testing Policy

EPP #52: Driving and Vehicle Policy

All employees are required to wear seat belts while in a County vehicle or in a personal vehicle while conducting County business!