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You are joining an organization that is highly committed to sustainable business practices - practices that save money, eliminate waste, increase efficiency, protect resources, and promotes healthier employees and community. In short, practices that help our organization and our community become sustainable. You will see evidence of this all around as you become part of the county. In fact, it's part of the county's mission to "Provide active and responsible leadership through focused investments, innovative partnerships, and citizen empowerment to create healthy, safe, and sustainable communities."

Put simply, sustainability means using resources in a manner enabling people to meet their current needs while ensuring that future generations can meet their own needs. More than being "green," it involves long-term, systematic decision-making to protect and enhance the natural and social systems on which we depend: people, prosperity, and the planet. The county has been growing its commitment to and culture of sustainability for several years. We see every employee as a potential leader in advancing this commitment.

Clackamas County's Office of Sustainability supports and coordinates policies and activities both within the workplace as well as the community. The division also provides introductory Sustainability training to all employees, introducing practical concepts and tools to equip each other in building a more sustainable workplace. The Sustainability webpage provides information on our policies.

The county has an active Sustainability Team with representatives from many county departments. The team learns about opportunities and efforts underway in the county, tracks resource use, develops initiatives and policies for purchasing, provides employees with education on energy use, internal recycling, reuse, composting and waste prevention. The Sustainability Team also offers mini-grants to fund projects to reduce waste and resource use, or deliver services more efficiently.

For more information on the county's sustainability policies or practices, check out the website or contact Eben Polk, Sustainability Supervisor.

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