Using Technology

As a new employee you will likely be using technology systems and equipment (computer systems, shared files, email, internet and other systems).  The following page provides an overview of how technology is used at the County.  After reading this information, you are invited to ask additional questions to your supervisor, department contact or directly to the County's Technology Services Department.

Technology Equipment
Clackamas County is PC based and uses the 2013 and 2016 suite of Microsoft Office products as well as hundreds of other software programs. We currently run our workstations on the Windows 7 and Windows 10 platforms. Depending on your job description and needs we support a desktop PC or a Laptop for your use.

Appropriate Use Policy
The Clackamas County Technology Services Appropriate Use Policy can be found on the Employment Policies tab of this Onboarding site.  New employees are required to read and acknowledge they have read this policy as they begin employment.

Accessing programs and software
Access to programs will be dependent  on your job's specific duties and needs.  Many programs will be installed on your computer, or locally for your specific use. Many other programs and databases are available remotely and able to be accessed by using Citrix or the Web.

Shutting down your computer
We encourage you to shut your computer down nightly by selecting "Shut Down" from the windows menu. This provides for savings in energy/money, is environmentally sustainable, as well as allows the computer to run repairs and patches which provide for the best computer performance.   

Rights to privacy
As a County Government employee your files, documents, emails and phone records are subject to Oregon Public Record Laws. There is no right to privacy for the contents of any electronic communications. User should not consider their uses of the network or the Internet private or confidential.  See the Appropriate Use Policy for additional information. 

Each County employee will receive a secure user account name and a password. This password allows access into your workstation, email account, external access and various software programs. For security purposes your passwords will need to change every 75 days.

Storing Files
County employees have access to a personal storage space on our server called their Home (H:) drive. County employees should store their non-shared files on the H: drive in order to maintain documents safely and securely. If you store documents on your computer (C:) drive or desktop they are more vulnerable to loss.

Sharing Files
County employees also have access to a department shared (S:) drive. This is a secure location for all members of your department to access and share documents and files. Your department may give you additional instruction on how to use the shared (S:) drive, and what naming configurations are used.  If you are sharing files outside of your department please limit the size to what is required. Also limit the distribution list to those that really need the correspondence in order to save on resources.

What should I do with my computer when I step away from my desk?
County employees are encouraged to lock their workstation while away in order to properly secure information and ensure privacy. You can either press CTRL+ALT+DELETE once and choose "Lock Computer" from the options or by simply pushing Windows logo key + L as a shortcut. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) also requires this.

We use Microsoft Outlook for our email client. You will receive a county email account. All email is subject to Public Record & Retention Laws and must be handled accordingly.  Email used to transmit any confidential or sensitive information must be encrypted via our encryption service.  For further information please see your department contact. 

All internet usage during your work schedule should be limited to performing County business.  Personal use must take place during employee's non-work time. Each employee should discuss their intended use with their supervisor to assure that such use complies with the County's Appropriate Use Policy and departmental policy

Call Center (x8346)
Clackamas County offers an in-house technical support call center. This group of skilled professionals are dedicated to helping you solve technical support issues and provide related information for solving computer related issues and problems. If needed, a technician will  be dispatched  for service to get the issue addressed in a timely manner for you, the customer. You can contact the call center at extension 8346

Technology services offers trainings on Windows, Outlook best practices, Enterprise Vault, Audio/Video uses in our conference rooms, OmniViewer, Alfresco, LanDesk and SSL remote service as well as other topics.   These trainings are provided for free and are available to all county employees and volunteers. For all other software-related trainings Clackamas County uses Kinetic Technology Solutions a 3rd party vendor. Kinetic  charges a fee to your department. Manager approval is necessary.

Department Contacts/ Purchasing
Most departments have a designated technology contact who will be able to answer most of you questions, keep you up to date and help you to procure technology/software. All technology purchases must be placed through Technology Services (x8346).

Cellular Telephones
Some county jobs require cell phones.  If this is required of your position, you will be provided an approved cell phone. Cellular use is restricted to County business.  Personal cellular calls (outgoing or incoming) will only be allowed if limited and infrequent. For further information see the Cellular Telephone Use policy (EPP 50) Contact the Call Center for more information

Remote Access
Your job might require remote access to your email and files.  Any request for Remote Access which must be approved by your department director. Any County employee requesting remote access must also qualify, and if required, be approved by the County Teleworking Policy (EPP 48).