County-Wide Training Programs

Training is a key element in gaining the tools to do our jobs effectively and expand our skills. Once you start working onsite, you will be able to access to the County Intranet. Listed under the "Toolbox" menu is a site dedicated to County-wide training programs. You will be able to review upcoming training, learn how to register for classes and check out materials from the training library.

Training generally falls into three categories:

  1. Job specific training is arranged through your department and you will want to talk with your supervisor about these opportunities.
  2. Software training is provided by an outside vendor and can be arranged through the County's Technical Services Department.
  3. For programs that are County-wide, Jeri Oswalt our Training Manager, posts training on an intranet calendar and via county-wide email alerts. These programs include topics such as: Bloodborne Pathogens, Communication & Leadership for an Effective Workplace, CPR/AED/First Aid, Effective Writing, FrontLine Leadership Series - Supervisory skills, Managing Priorities, Preventing Harassment, Meeting Management, and many, many more.

The County also maintains a resource library of books, videotapes, and audiotapes for employees to check out. These materials are a convenient resource for employees seeking to find ways to enhance their job and personal lives.

In addition to county-wide training opportunities, your own supervisor is a great resource to talk to about in-house or outside training opportunities and professional development. We encourage you to pursue learning opportunities to enhance your career with us. Hope to see you soon in the classroom!