Appropriate Use Policy

Most County employees use various means of technology to perform their work including: computer systems, phone (land lines, cellular, smart phones), fax machine, voicemail, email, Internet usage, network resources, pagers and radios. The County has an Appropriate Use Policy (AUP) that governs the use of Technology and Information that will enable the County to provide its services while maintaining security and consistency with Federal, State and Local laws and public expectations of us as public employees. The policy also applies to the access and use of County data as well.

The AUP is one of the county's longest and most comprehensive employment policies. However, it is among the most important for you to read and understand. After all, as the first sentence states, we all use technology! Follow the link to the full AUP policy in the first paragraph. This policy will guide you through the various considerations for using technology / information for County business and personal use, what is stored as public record, what guidelines we as public employees need to abide by in using technology and what may happen if violations occur. The policy covers both work equipment you are assigned, as well as personal equipment on which you perform County business and all information you have access to as an employee.

In addition to the full AUP Policy, there is also a quick reference site of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for this policy. New staff will be required to sign the last page of the policy and submit to HR as part of the on-boarding process.

For any questions, issues or additional information on the use of Technology and the AUP policy, please contact the Technology Services Call Center via phone at 8346.