Probationary/regular status employees who have been employed in the County service shall be awarded an established amount of vacation hours as designated in the applicable collective bargaining agreement or County Code. hereafter, vacation will accrue on a monthly basis. Refer to your collective bargaining contract for vacation accrual amounts. Part-time employees and job share employees shall receive a prorated amount of the appropriate vacation accrual schedule based on their hours worked in each pay period.

Most new employees enroll in the Vacation Sell-Back Plan, which allows employees to sell back one week of vacation each calendar year as long as they have taken at least one week of vacation during that year. This plan provides the same amount of vacation for the entire duration of employment with Clackamas County.

The Service Accrual Plan (formerly "Standard Plan") is a longevity based vacation plan, where vacation hours increase on a longevity schedule. The C-Com and POA unions use a Service Accrual Plan. For other unions and non-represented employees, this plan was only available to employees hired prior to January 1, 2001.

Continuous Service: Continuous service, for the purpose of determining eligibility for accelerated vacation accrual rates and longevity pay, shall be service unbroken by separation from County employment. However, time spent by an employee on military leave, on an authorized leave of absence with pay, or on a leave with pay resulting from a job-incurred injury shall be included as continuous service. Time spent on other types of authorized leave without pay will not count as part of continuous service; however, employees returning from such leave, or employees who were laid off, shall be entitled to credit for service prior to the leave. Employees who resign or are discharged from County service for a period of time exceeding ninety (90) days shall not regain previously accrued service years to count towards accelerated vacation rates and longevity pay.

Requesting Vacation Leave: Requests for vacation leave must be made to your immediate supervisor. Conflicts in scheduling are resolved by the department director, usually using seniority as the determining factor. If your collective bargaining agreement has vacation scheduling procedures, these shall take precedence.

Vacation hours paid during any work week will always be paid at a straight time rate and those hours will not be considered in computing overtime hours worked in that work week. If you become ill while on vacation, you may be allowed to change that time to accrued sick leave only if you contact your immediate supervisor at the time you become ill.

Payment of Vacation upon Termination, Layoff or Death: If an employee is terminated, laid off or dies, the employee or employee's estate shall receive cash compensation for the vacation leave balance, at the employee's current rate of pay.

Maximum Vacation Accruals: Your collective bargaining agreement or the Personnel Ordinance will include the maximum vacation that may be accrued. For employees represented by AFSCME-DTD, vacation accrual must be reduced to the maximum on March 31 of each year; any additional amount will be lost. For all other represented and nonrepresented employees, vacation accrual must be reduced to the maximum on December 31 of each year; any additional amount will be lost.