Same Owner Easement Release Instructions

The Same Owner Easement form used by all field offices to site a system or a portion thereof onto adjacent property under the same ownership may establish an agreement and covenant between the Grantor and the State of Oregon through the Department of Environmental Quality.

Such an easement can not be released except through an action by the Department. The Regional Division Administrator must sign the easement release form. Before the Regional Division Administrator will sign the form, all documents related to releasing the easement must be in order, and must be passed through a short chain of review within the Department.

What documents must be assembled?

  1. One copy of the original (and current) easement;
  2. Written statement from the Legal Entity (e.g., City, County or Sanitary District) assuring the sewer connection has been made. If other than a sewer connection the property owner must provide a written statement describing why the easement is no longer needed;
  3. The completed original easement release form.

Where are these documents to be sent?

The property owner is to send the documents to the Agent in the appropriate County within the region. The documents will be reviewed, and verification that the easement should be vacated will be made. The Agent will forward the documents with a written statement that the easement should be vacated to the appropriate DEQ regional lead staff listed below. Once the DEQ regional lead staff person is satisfied that all is in order, they will forward all documents and a summary report to their manager or Regional Division Administrator for approval. Once the Regional Division Administrator signs the easement release form, all documents will be returned to the DEQ regional lead staff person. The DEQ regional lead staff person will return the original easement release form to the Agent and make copies of these documents for the Department file record. The Agent will return the original easement release form to the property owner and make a copy for their file record. The property owner now needs to complete the process by recording it at the county recorder's office and sending a copy of the recorded document back to the onsite office that holds the property file.

DEQ onsite program regional lead staff contacts

Western Oregon (North) Gary Artman
Western Oregon (Mid) Randy Trox
Western Oregon (South) Chuck Costanzo
503-471-2850 x224
Eastern Oregon Bob Baggett
503-388-6146 x230


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