Who can perform a Time of Transfer Evaluation?

A Time of Transfer evaluation must be performed by an Agent or a person who is qualified to perform the evaluation and is registered in accordance with ORS chapters 672 or 700 or has a current NSF International wastewater system inspector accreditation or other certification approved by the Department.

The following web links can help you find information on qualified Time of Transfer inspectors:

  • Oregon Health Authority
    To do a query, click on this link and select "environmental health registration board."Then select your county and click "start search." A list of certified individuals will appear. To get additional information including contact phone numbers, click on the license number.
  • NSF International
    Since this is a new requirement in Oregon there are currently few or no individuals with the NSF International Onsite Wastewater Inspector Accreditation in Oregon.
  • List of DEQ and county offices
    These evaluations can also be done by applying for an existing system evaluation at your local county Environmental Health or regional DEQ office.


For more information on time of sale inspections, go to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.