Know Evacuation Levels

Disasters and emergencies can lead to evacuations. Know the types of evacuation orders that you could experience and make a plan in advance.

"Be Ready" symbol

Level 1: Be Ready

Be aware, prepare and stay informed. This is the time to prepare and be ready to evacuate. Older adults, people with special needs, or mobile property owners should take action early. Consider moving pets and livestock early.

"Be Set" symbol

Level 2: Be Set

Be ready to leave with little notice and relocate to a safe place outside of the affected area. You will have limited time to gather necessary items and it may become unsafe to do so.

"Go!" symbol

Level 3: GO!

Evacuate now! Leave immediately! It is unsafe for you to stay in the area. This will be the last notice you receive until officials declare it is safe to return to the area.