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Understanding your Property Tax Bill

Property tax statements for 2019–2020 will be mailed in October.

If your tax statement is yellow...
Receiving a yellow tax statement means a lender requested information and may pay your property tax. Call your lender if you have any questions about who is responsible for payment. Please keep this statement for your records and do not pay with this statement if your lender pays your property taxes.
If you receive a green statement...
Receiving a green tax statement means a lender did not request information to pay your property taxes. Call your lender if you think they are responsible to pay. Please keep this statement for your records. To receive a discount and avoid interest, taxes are due November 15th.

Be sure to mail your payment early enough to be postmarked on or before Nov. 15. According to Oregon law, if the postmark is after the payment due date, discounts are not allowed and interest will accrue on the past due portion. If the due date falls on a weekend or a legal holiday, the due date is extended through the next business day.

Please return the lower portion of your tax bill(s) with your payment and use the enclosed envelope with the appropriate postage. Write your account number(s) on the front of your check to ensure proper credit. Your cancelled check is your receipt. The upper portion of the tax statement should be kept for your records.

  • Payment for property taxes must be credited to the earliest year for which the taxes are due on the property for which the payment is being made.
  • The due date for property tax payments is Nov. 15.
  • Please mail early to ensure you receive the discount and avoid interest.

Understanding your tax statement

In Oregon, property is valued as of Jan. 1. Our fiscal tax year runs from July 1 through June 30. With property taxes due on the following Nov. 15.

The dates at the top of your statement reflect the fiscal tax year for the property taxes imposed.

  1. Depicts the physical location of your property.
  2. Depicts the abbreviated legal description of your property Township, Range, Section and Tax Lot as per the Assessor's Maps.
  3. Depicts the Property Tax Account Number in the Assessor's Records.
  4. Breakdown of your property taxes to the local districts.
  5. Real Market Value of your property listed by land, building and total. SAV total value if your property has any special use such as farm. Assessed Total is the amount of value used to impose property taxes. View information about appealing your value.
  6. Any prior year's tax remaining unpaid will be listed here. Accounts that are subject to foreclosure will be indicated with an asterisk (*) next to the total for that year.

Mailing address changes 

If the mailing address on your statement is incorrect or has changed, please check the box on the front of your payment stub and write the correct or changed address on the back of the payment stub. Or you may notify us of the change via email at, fax or letter. By Oregon law, it is the property owner's responsibility to inform the Assessor of any address changes.

Late payments lose the discount and accrue interest.


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