Budget Adoption Process

September Quarterly Budget Committee planning session
November – December Board of County Commissioners meet to discuss budget priorities and goals and establish budget calendar

Quarterly Budget Committee planning session
January Budget Office prepares revenue estimates, calculates department cost allocations and personnel costs
February Budget workshop for departments
March – April Quarterly Budget Committee planning session

Internal budget reviews with departments, Administrator’s proposed budget finalized
May – June Budget Committee holds public meetings and approves budget
June Board of County Commissioners adopts budget

NOTE: The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners adopts the annual budget for the general County as well as several “Component Units” for which it sits as the Board. These additional governmental agencies – listed below – follow a parallel budget process with a separate budget committee and advisory boards. Each May the Board of County Commissioners sits with the separate budget committees of the general County and each of the Component Units to approve the budget. Following budget approval, the Board of County Commissioners adopts the budgets of the General County as well as the Component Units in separate business meeting sessions on the same day in June.

The Component Units of government governed by the Board of County Commissioners (in addition to Clackamas County) are:

  1. Clackamas County Development Agency
  2. Enhanced Law Enforcement District
  3. Extension and 4-H Service District
  4. Library Service District of Clackamas County
  5. North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District
  6. Street Lighting District #5
  7. Water Environment Services


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