Electrical Permits

An electrical permit is required when:

ORS 479.550
1. No work on a new "electrical installation" until permit issued; temporary permit.
Except as provided in ORS 479.540, no person shall work on any new "electrical installation" for which a permit has not been issued.

ORS 479.530
9. "Electrical installation" means the construction or installation of electrical wiring and the permanent attachment or installation of electrical products in or on any structure that is not itself an electrical product. "Electrical installation" also means the maintenance or repair of installed electrical wiring and permanently attached electrical products. "Electrical installation" does not include an oil module.Electrical division staff contacts

Electrical Permit Technician/
Clerical Support
Phone 503-742-4240
Fax 503-742-4741
Plan Review or Code Inquiries
Phone 503-742-4764
Fax 503-742-4741

To verify electrical contractors' license information with the state, call 503-373-1268


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