Electrical Plan Review Rules

The Oregon Building Codes Agency has adopted rules to create uniformity for Electrical Plan Review requirements.

Time in review

Electrical plan reviews should be approved or denied within 10 working days from the receipt of the complete electrical plans. If denied because of deficiencies, written notification will be given. Upon re-submission, the 10 day review time starts again. When the complexity or size of a project requires more than the 10 working days, we will notify the permit holder of needed time for completion. When plans have been submitted with proper electrical application, Clackamas County will issue a permit number and may allow limited courtesy inspections to prevent construction delays.

Plan review standards

Review is required for any of the following:

  1. Ampacity:
    1. A service or feeder beginning at 400 Amps where the available fault current exceeds 10,000 Amps at 150 Volts or less to ground or exceeds 14,000 Amps for all other installations.
    2. Installation of a 150 KVA or larger separately derived system
    3. Addition of a new motor load of 100 HP or more
    4. Fire pump installations as defined in Article 695 of the NEC
    5. Emergency systems installations as defined in Article 700 of the NEC
    6. A service or feeder rated 600 Amps or over.
  2. Voltage. More than 600 supply volts nominal.
  3. Height. More than three stories.
  4. Occupancy.
    1. Six or more residential units in one structure
    2. An "A" (Assembly) occupancy, "E" (Educational) occupancy, or "I-2" or "I-3" (Institutional) occupancy as defined in the adopted Oregon Structural Specialty Code
    3. Any of the following special occupancies as described in Chapter 5 of the NEC adopted by the board in OAR 918-305-0100:
      1. Hazardous (Classified) locations as defined in Articles 500 to 516
      2. Installations in patient care areas of health care facilities as defined in Article 517
      3. Agricultural buildings used for commercial purposes, as defined in Article 547
      4. Floating buildings as defined in Article 553
      5. Marinas and boat yards as defined in Article 555
  5. Recreational Vehicle Park. A new recreational vehicle park, or any addition or alteration to an existing park.

Required information and format

Submittals shall include:

  1. Two sets of electrical floor plans, including the building and site plans where applicable;
  2. Plans must be drawn to scale, clear enough to indicate the location, nature and extent of work proposed.
  3. Plans Shall contain the following minimum requirements:
    1. Service / Feeder riser diagram showing panel location and circuit schedules
    2. One line riser diagram showing bonding and grounding and conductor sizes
    3. Available fault current on line side of service disconnect
    4. Complete load calculations for new work or provide applicable load records, for all new installations and for additions to existing installation
    5. Fixture schedule, showing type, location and layout of all fixtures
    6. Address of installation, and name and address of owner
    7. Identification of the employer, identification and signature of person who prepared the plan, license number if the person is an Electrical Supervisor or professional registration number if the person is an Architect or Registered Professional Electrical Engineer.
    8. Location of emergency systems identifying the power source and the system on plan.


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