Residential One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Accessory Structures

In order to provide a timely but comprehensive code compliance review, complete construction plans and specifications are needed. Incomplete plans and specifications may delay permit processing. Please see the One- and Two-Family Dwelling Building Permit Application Checklist for a list of requirements.

We will review your submittal plans for completeness at the time of permit application and give you a Residential Plan Submittal Checklist.

  • a legally-created lot
  • the property is properly zoned for the proposed land use
  • access to or frontage on a public or private street
  • direct access to a sanitary sewer or an approved on-site sewage disposal system
  • a connection to a storm sewer, natural drainage way or the capacity for on-site storm water disposal
  • Potable water on or accessible to the site. The State of Oregon regulates wells. Please contact:
    Clackamas County Water Master
    Oregon Department of Water Resources
    Phone 503-722-1410
  • Permits for structures such as garages or pole buildings are issued only as an accessory structure to the primary use within the zoning district and can only be issued if the primary use exists or is applied for at the same time.

Planning Division

  • verifies that the proposed use and/or building comply with the Zoning and Development Ordinance
  • verifies setbacks
  • identifies any required land use reviews and/or compliance with Conditions of Approval of previously approved land use applications
  • assigns the address, if not already assigned

Soils division

  • determines if on-site sewage disposal is required
  • verifies and reviews the site's connection to on-site sewage disposal
  • ensures buildings are not sited on a drainfield
  • verifies setbacks to drainfield/septic tank
  • septic permit and feasibility studies
  • grading/fill permits

Sewer district

  • approves connection to sewer
  • verifies location of house in relationship to sewer lines
  • calculates appropriate sewer connection fees

Building codes division

  • Review for building code compliance to ensure that minimum building standards are met for your own safety and for the safety of future property owners and occupants.

Driveways-Engineering division

  • verifies access to county roads
  • establishes appropriate sight distance requirements and construction access locations
  • may issue encroachment permit for new or revised accesses

Erosion control

  • administered by the sewer district
  • approves erosion control plan
  • accesses appropriate fees for erosion control plan.
  • inspects implementation of erosion control plan

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