Employment Lands Evaluation

Employment Lands Evaluation Program reduces barriers to property development and markets available industrial sites.

Clackamas County collaborates with regional partners, local jurisdictions, property owners and their agents to:

  • Prioritize and complete site-readiness projects such as brownfield assessments and infrastructure improvements.
  • Obtain Shovel-Ready Certification for industrial sites 25-acres or larger; Oregon’s Shovel-Ready Certification Program certifies that sites are ready for construction within six months or less. 
  • Multiply the competitiveness of the Greater Portland area by evaluating and promoting one of its most valuable economic resources — its industrial property.
  • Market available industrial lands located in Clackamas County.


"…Today, largely due to the expertise provided and convening work done by the county's Economic Development staff, this property stands on the precipice of a major commercial development that will change the face of Sandy for decades to come. Thank you, Clackamas County Business and Economic Development!"

David C. Snider, Economic Development Manager, City of Sandy



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