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In Clackamas County you will find both the charm of a historic past and the influence of a modern community. A perfect balance of old and new, urban and rural, Clackamas County makes everyone feel at home. The county takes pride in the preservation and success of their small towns and remains innovative and supportive of the county's urban area needs. Need to get away and have some fun? We've got it. Need an industrial building with great transportation access? We've got it. Need to know that you live in a safe community? We've got it!

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Close to Portland, a world away

Clackamas County is located in the heart of the metro region. Visitors and residents, alike, can jump on public transit to visit the big city, drive to Mt. Hood, and visit an equestrian farm or raft the river all in one day. The county's location is just outside the hustle and bustle of the urbanized areas of the region, with all the same amenities.

A sought-after place to live, work and play

Clackamas County is known for its quality communities, neighborhoods and housing. Rural areas of the County offer endless recreational excitement; from biking on the Springwater Trail, to skiing on Mt Hood, Clackamas County is the true outdoor person's dream.

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