Small Claims Mediation fees for Circuit Court cases

There is a fee for mediation separate from the fee you paid to the court.
This fee is payable to Clackamas County and is not a court fee.

The fee is:

  • $50 per side if the original claim amount is $2500 or less
  • $90 per side if the original claim amount is more than $2500
  • If your court filing fees have been waived by a judge, your mediation fee is also waived.

Acceptable methods of payment:

  • personal check signed by the person whose name appears on the check
  • money order or cashier's check
  • Master Card, Visa or Discover Card only (not American Express, etc.)
  • cash (Exact change is appreciated. We have very limited change on hand)

The fee is due when you check in for mediation. Please do not send the fee in advance.